Laundry Starter Bundle

2,750 KShs

Our laundry essentials to detoxify your laundry room! Perfect for getting a jump start on switching to non-toxic laundry products.

FREE: 10 pieces of Takazuri Laundry Pegs.

Download our full laundry guide here.

Laundry Powder

750 KShs
Laundry powder for machines, hand-washing, and soaking.

Laundry Bar

400 KShs
Sudsy and soft-on-hands laundry bar for hand-washing, stain-removing, and soaking.


550 KShs
Soft, lightly scented, residue-free clothes.

Stain Remover

515 KShs
Spot-treat stains, suitable for whites and colored clothes. Enhanced by lemongrass. Pre-treat before washing, or leave to soak.

Takazuri Laundry Pegs - 100% Recycled Plastic

450 KShs
From our friends at Takazuri, this set of 10 is made from 100% recycled plastic! Light and easy to use on everyday items. Use with your freshly laundered clothes using Grounded Laundry Powder, Laundry Bar, Softener, Brightening, and more!

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Fabric Brightener

450 KShs

Color-safe bleach alternative.

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Did you know that there are hidden nasties in laundry products? Conventional detergents, especially those with artificial fragrances can irritate our skin and lungs. And, the runoff from laundry products leads to foaming rivers which is bad for our ecosystem.

Make the switch today by swapping out your Laundry Powder, Fabric Softener, Fabric Brightener, Stain Remover, and Laundry Bar!

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