Cleaning During Covid19?

Check out our deep cleaning guide, and contact us for custom guides and solutions. You do not need to buy toxic chemical disinfectants and cleaning products to stay safe! Grounded's products are both effective and safe for humans and the environment.

Are you planning to reopen your business?

Check out these guidelines from the MOH:

Overall, Grounded recommends the CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting facilities that have a 2 step process

  • 1) Deactivate viruses with soap, like our Spray Deep.
  • 2) Disinfect to kill remaining viruses like our hydrogen peroxide based Disinfectant.

Remember, not all cleaning products are created equal!

Get Grounded today to choose the effective and safe option.

Why Soap Works!

  • Grounded manufactures nontoxic cleaning products like all natural liquid and solid soaps.
  • Soap was first recorded as far back as 2800 BC! Yet most detergents and liquid “soaps” today aren’t actually soap at all, but are a combination of chemicals and foaming agents!
  • Did you know that plain ole’ soap can deactivate Covid-19? Check out this video from Vox to watch the virus break up and fall down the drain.
  • Grounded’s soap superstars
    • Pure Soap – A Kenyan Castile soap made from coconut and sunflower oil. Our all purpose superstar.
    • Deep Concentrate – Our concentrated version of Pure Soap that can be diluted to was the floors, make a soapy spray, or soak your dishes and clothes.
    • Spray Deep – Our soapy spray powerhouse. Powered by our coconut-sunflower liquid soap, and enhanced with baking soda and essential oils for extra grime fighting power.

How do I use your products?

  • All products have instructions and ingredients listed on the label.
  • Download our updated Deep Cleaning User Guide here.
  • Download our Household User Guide here.
  • Download our Laundry Guide here.
  • Give us a call or email to arrange a 1:1 phone training.

Where can I buy Grounded products?

What does non-toxic mean?

At Grounded, non-toxic means only using verified, safe ingredients in your home cleaning products. We don’t use any ingredients that are harmful to humans and the environment. See our ingredients page for more information.

Does Grounded work like conventional cleaning products?

Our products have been tested and refined with households for over 2 years. We guarantee you that they are effective!  

However, you may notice some differences when switching from conventional cleaning products to non-toxic products. We often hear feedback that the laundry powder doesn’t foam enough, or smell enough. Instant foam and long-lasting scent are hallmarks of chemical agents, tricking us into thinking things are more clean when they’re actually just more harmful.

We care deeply about customer satisfaction, and provide simple user guides to ensure all products are being used properly to attain your desired level of clean.


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