Grounded OxyBoost

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Powdered oxygen bleach for powerful stain removal.

Disinfects, brightens and boosts laundry. Safe for colors and whites. Excellent at stain removal on grout, terrazzo, even stainless steel pans!

Long release powder is concentrated, and long-acting, and more shelf stable than Brightening.

Do not use on wool, silk, cashmere, or silk blends.

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Powdered Oxygen Bleach for sparkling, disinfected clothes and surfaces.

– Use to pre-soak stubborn stains – 60g for every 10L of water to soak overnight, or 75g for 5L of water for a quick soak in under 2 hours
– Works best with warm water
– Boost regular laundry by adding 30g to your laundry powder tray, or directly to drum.

Ingredients: Sodium Percarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate


800g, 3kg


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