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Take Control

Modern life is full of hazards - a toxic soup from chemicals in air, water, soil, food, household products, and more.  It can be overwhelming.  What can you do today?  Control what you bring into your home! Governments do not require cleaning products to list their ingredients. We disclose 100% of our ingredients to give you the confidence that you are safe.


Boost your Immunity

We have been led to believe that killing 100% of bacteria is good for us. WRONG!  We have good bacteria on our skin and in our bodies needed to fight bad bacteria. Scientists confirm that antibacterial soap is not more effective at preventing disease, and also contributes to the rise of “superbugs”. Take care of your microbiome, clean without the toxins.


Be Kind to your Kids

Children are especially sensitive to toxic chemicals. Their bodies’ rapidly developing systems are vulnerable. You can’t stop your kids from getting sick but, with Grounded, you can be sure they are not absorbing dangerous chemicals linked to noncommunicable diseases.


It Works

Switching to nontoxic does not mean you need to lower your standard of clean. Grounded gets the job done! You might notice Grounded products have less foam and less persistent scent, but that's because foaming agents and fragrances are actually hallmarks of chemicals (like phthlates). Our products are effective and easy to use. Any questions? Check out our user guides!


Be Kind to your Cleaner

Our cleaners are exposed all day, every day. New studies show prolonged interaction with conventional cleaning products damages lungs like smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.  Grounded wants to create a more healthy working environment for our helpers. 


Be Kind to Kenya

Kenya is beautiful, but rapidly changing. Our waterways are flooded with synthetic foaming agents and non-biodegradable chemicals that remain in the ecosystem, upsetting the natural balance, and end up being consumed by animals and humans. Going camping? Run an off-grid lodge? Our products are safe for Kenya's beautiful natural landscapes.

make your home non-toxic

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Why Clean Naturally
Ready to make your home safer
But wondering

Why Grounded?

We Know!

You don’t need to worry; we’ve done our research and know what we’re putting in your homes is safe.

It Works

Grounded has been tested and refined with families in Nairobi for 2 years.

Superior Customer Care

We provide training and phone support for you or your cleaner.  We can create new products for specific needs.


We work directly with you or your cleaner on re-orders and deliveries.  No more urgent toilet cleaner requests from your cleaner.  No more wapi phone calls from delivery bodas.


There is only one other option in Kenya for nontoxic cleaning.  It’s an imported product line and Grounded prices are about half.

Buy Kenya, Build Kenya

We produce everything in Nairobi.  We source raw materials from Kenyan suppliers.  We recycle our packaging materials.  We believe in growing manufacturing power in Kenya.

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Also available online: GreenSpoon and FavaHerb

After using Grounded for a few months, when I smell clothes that have been washed with conventional cleaners, I just smell chemicals.

Sam, Nairobi


If I say that I like Grounded I will have lied because I love Grounded to the moon and back, all my stains gone, just in a gentle wash and its done.                            

Piah, Kampala


The sufurias are so shiny!


Florence, Nairobi


I used to have dry skin on my hands from all the washing, now they are soft and feel good!

Evaline, Nairobi


I love the convenience of my Grounded deliveries. Now all my cleaning products are restocked without me having to think about it, and it costs me like 5k a month - a steal for peace of mind!

Alison, Nairobi


Grounded got rid of my red wine stain! I honestly didn’t think it would be as strong as the conventional cleaners.

Ari, Nairobi


Nairobi, Kenya


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