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3 Reasons to Get Grounded

Grounded manufactures a full line of non-toxic cleaning solutions, powered by Kenyan ingredients


Grounded’s products are tailored to Kenya, developed by Kenyan engineers. We make a full range of products to convert your entire home or business to a non-toxic alternative.  No more wasteful imported products that don’t work, or are out of stock!.

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Grounded only makes products that are safe for the environment. No more foaming rivers or damaged septic tanks. All of our products are gray water safe, meaning you can use them to water your shamba!

Grounded sources agricultural inputs locally, and with green manufacturing practices, creates cleaning products from nature, not nasty chemicals. 

Our packaging is also either 100% post-consumer recycled plastic made in Kenya, or is glass. All products are concentrated, meaning you don’t need to buy as frequently. 

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Grounded makes it easy to keep your family safe. We disclose 100% of our ingredients, something that other cleaning products are not required to do. We also rely on international standards bodies to validate our ingredients. 

Grounded is safe for all humans, big and little. You’ll notice a difference in short term effects, no more dry hands and irritated lungs. But Grounded's products are also free from harmful effects of ingredients that are known carcinogens, or hormone disruptors. 

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Natural and eco-friendly products that get the job done

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