Grounded is both a women- and family-run business. Our goal is to create healthy, sustainable homes through safer, eco-friendly products. Made in Kenya.


“The team understands the dream and understands where we’re going.” – Ivy Sakwa, Production Manager

“According to my view, the vision of Grounded is making the world a better place to live. So it takes care of your tomorrow. Whenever you use a Grounded product, just know that your tomorrow is already taken care of.” – Peris Muthoni, Production Assistant

“We want to bring people into the non-toxic world so that they can see the benefits. If you use [Grounded] then you go back to conventional products, you’re going to note a huge difference — and you’re not going to like it. Once you come here, there’s no going back!” – Joe Mukui, Quality Lead


We are looking for a Sales Manager to join our team.

As the Sales Lead for B2B channels, you will play a pivotal role in achieving our sales targets and developing long-term business relationships with lodges, hotels, schools and restaurants. An ideal candidate has either worked directly in B2B sales, or has done operations/procurement within the hospitality sector.

We are looking for a Business Operations Manager to join our team.

The Business Operations Manager will be responsible for ultimately ensuring sales are operationalized. We are looking for a very organized superstar who can use systems developed to track many moving pieces, and drive teams toward decision-making and problem-solving. This person will need to ensure SOPs are followed, KPIs are tracked, and the team has clear daily management.

We are looking for a Executive Assistant to join our team.

Want to work closely with the executive team of a fast moving FMCG company? We’re looking for a bright, eager, and super organized Executive Assistant to take on administrative tasks and discreet projects to fuel the growth of Grounded.

We are looking for a Business Development Associate to join our team.

The Business Development Associate will be responsible for leading operational, financial, and strategic scoping of export opportunities for Grounded. The ideal candidate has a solid business foundation with excellent analytical skills to help the Founders scope and make decisions on export strategies, channels, costings, and partners.

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