Kick Start Bundle

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Kickstart your non-toxic home or office with this starter bundle.

Download this one page overview of how to use all Grounded products!

Laundry Bar

400 KShs
Sudsy and soft-on-hands laundry bar for hand-washing, stain-removing, and soaking.

Spray - Deep

499 KShs
All Purpose sudsy spray! Great for bathrooms and major operations. Powered by coconut\nEnhanced by eucalyptus, lemongrass, and tea tree

Hand Sanitizer

400 KShs
100% Kenyan Hand Sanitizer that won't dry out your hands. Made with Kenyan ethanol, aloe vera, coconut oil, and tea tree essential oils. Sanitize your hands on the go with our all-natural hand sanitizer.

Instant Disinfectant

475 KShs
Great for bathrooms, door handles, chopping boards. Ready to use. No need to dilute. Works in 3 seconds or less. Gentle on hands. Powered by hypochlorous acid - a natural disinfectant 100x stronger than bleach. Alcohol-free, ammonia-free, bleach-free.


575 KShs
Solid dish soap for grease-free dishes and shiny pots.

Scouring Powder

475 KShs
For sparkling tubs, taps, toilets, and tiles. Sustainable Packaging.

Freshening Spray

545 KShs
Naturally scented room and fabric spray. Freshen fabrics and rooms with our natural freshening spray scented with eucalyptus, tea tree, and lemongrass essential oils. Size: 100ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L.  

NEW & IMPROVED Laundry Powder

780 KShs
** NEW & IMPROVED** Buy any Grounded Laundry Powder 2 kg (Herbal or Floral). Get a FREE tote bag! *Valid while stocks last.* Grounded Laundry Powders are designed for sensitive skin, with a new and improved formulation to clean even the toughest laundry messes. Powered by 100% coconut soap powder, the new formulation has more powerful stain-removing properties with the addition of color-safe oxygen bleach that brightens and disinfects. And because we don't use any filler ingredients, it's also super concentrated. Just 1 scoop per load of laundry means you get 66 washes out of every 2kg. Use for hand-washing, pre-soaking, or directly into the machine. Now available in Herbal or Floral scents - all from essential oils, not artificial fragrances. Safe for your family, and safe for the environment. Learn more about the ingredients and what they do below. Sizes: 450g, 2kg, 10kg Download our laundry guides: machine guide and hand washing guide.
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Kickstart your non-toxic home or office with this starter bundle.

Laundry Powder Herbal – 450g (15 washes)

Laundry Bar – 150 g

Dishes – 800 g

Instant Disinfectant – 500 ml

Surface Cleaner Extra Strength – 500 ml

Scouring Powder – 500 g

Freshening Spray – 500 ml

FREE – Hand Sanitizer – 100 ml

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  1. Monica Wanjiku

    So much value for money. Thanks Grounded!

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