Instant Disinfectant

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All-purpose disinfectant. Fast-acting. Alcohol-free. Odorless. Skin-safe.

Safe for any surface, personal care (hands, wounds), stinky things, and fruit & vegetables to extend shelf life!

Kills 99.99% of germs in 3 seconds or less.

Deodorizes by killing smell-causing microbes.

Size: 100ml, 500ml & 5L

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Instant Disinfectant is an all-purpose disinfectant that is: fast-acting, alcohol-free, odorless, and skin safe! This disinfectant works on a molecular level to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi in mere seconds. Use on any surface, hands, cuts or wounds, stinky things, and fruit and vegetables for instant disinfecting. Use within 3 months from opening.

How to use

Surfaces Clean the area with a soap-based spray like Grounded Surface Cleaner – Extra Strength, to remove germs and dirt. Then spray the Instant Disinfectant on the surface, and wipe down: no need to let it sit, it works INSTANTLY. pH neutral, so it’s gentle on surfaces. For mopping: add 200 ml for every 10 L of water (100 ml for every 5 L of water).
Personal Care Hands: Spray on hands to kill germs instantly, it’s a travel must-have!

Skin healing: Spray on cuts, spots, razor burns, eczema, stubborn zits, and even psoriasis to speed up the skin’s healing process with the power of hypochlorous acid! It’s sting-free!

Stinky Things Spray onto shoes, toilets, sofas, and other stinky spots to kill microbes that cause bad odor.
Fruit & Vegetables Spray on the outside of produce to kill germs and to keep them fresh for longer.



Hypochlorous Acid – (HOCl)

Note: Hypochlorous acid is a natural disinfectant, that kills bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus INSTANTLY. 100 times stronger than bleach yet very gentle on the skin! Learn more about this miracle product here!

Benefits of HOCl:

  • It works on CONTACT
    • Most other disinfectants will evaporate before the contact time is reached (5 mins)
    • HOCl attacks on contact, destroying all microbes within 5 seconds.
  • It’s more natural
    • HOCl is produced by our body and is used by our immune system.
    • When the immune system is compromised, the body detects the compromised location and sends white blood cells through the body to fight the invading pathogens. The white blood cells attack the pathogen, deploying hypochlorous acid.


Where do I use it? Anywhere and everywhere! Instant Disinfectant is safe for all surfaces, even your body!  Some things to know:

  • It works on a molecular level – killing on contact
  • It has a neutral pH – so it’s safe for all surfaces,
  • It can be used as a first aid – sting-free!
    • Know how? It can be sprayed into your eye if you’re feeling like conjunctivitis is coming on (we have a testimonial for this!)
  • It can be used directly on food!
    • HOCl is approved for organic foods in countries like the US, even for organic foods. Spray onto those berries or onto any fruit/veg to help extend its shelf life and make it safe for consumption.
Can I dilute it for floors or surfaces? Here at Grounded, we’ve always been a bit skeptical about disinfecting floors. After all, soap is known to remove dirt and germs, so that you don’t need to disinfect. But if you need to disinfect them we recommend:

  • Floors
    • Mopping with Pure Soap (30 ml to 10 L bucket of water), or Citrus Concentrate (200 ml to 10 L bucket of water) to remove as much dirt and germs as possible
    • Following up with 200 ml of Instant Disinfectant for 10 L of water to kill anything left behind
  • Surfaces
    • Cleaning a surface with Surface Cleaner – Extra Strength or Everyday to remove as many germs as possible
    • Spraying Instant Disinfectant afterward and leaving to air dry
    • Focus on taps, handles, switches, doors, and things that are touched a lot!
  • Have an office or restaurant?
    • Consider an electrostatic sprayer – it’ll aerosolize the Instant Disinfectant and is safe around all surfaces, humans, and food.
It doesn’t smell – how do I know it’s real? There is no added fragrance in Instant Disinfectant. Why? Because if we added fragrance, the active ingredients would act on contact, thereby rendering your Disinfectant pretty useless.

You may smell a faint chlorine smell, like a swimming pool – this is because it’s a chlorine-based product. But safer than bleach (sodium hypochlorite)!

We recommend you use it within 3 months of opening.


100 ml glass, 500 ml spray, 5L refill


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