Hand Sanitizer

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Natural, antibacterial, nourishing, 100% Kenyan ingredients, and made without petrochemicals (like isopropyl alcohol), or banned antibacterial ingredients such as triclosan.

No artificial fragrances.

Size: 100ml, 300ml, 1L, 5L.

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100% Kenyan Ingredients, made without harmful chemicals like triclosan.

Boosted with moisturizing and antiviral properties of aloe vera gel and coconut oil, 70% alcohol.

Nourish your hands with the moisturizing effects of aloe.


Plant-Based Ethanol, Aloe Vera Gel, Virgin Coconut Oil, Natural Thickener, Tea Tree & Lavender Essential Oil.



50ml Travel, 100ml, 300 ml pump, 300ml glass, 1L refill, 5L refill


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