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Bath Time Bundle

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Baby Foaming Baby Wash - Lavender

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Ingredients: Saponified Coconut, Canola, Sunflower Oils; Citric Acid, Lavender Essential Oil.

Baby Sanitizer Spray

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Baby Sweet Dreams

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This room and pillow spray is designed to lull little ones (and parents) to sleep. Powered by lavender and frankincense to ease you to sleep peacefully. Instructions: Spray into the air, especially at bath time, or directly onto bedding to promote sleep. Ingredients: Water, Lavender & Frankincense Essential Oils, Ethanol
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Keep your baby safe and calm with Grounded Baby’s bathtime bundle.


  • A  sleepy time air and pillow spray that’s great for bedtime,
  • A Castile-soap-based Foaming Body Wash with lavender essential oil,
  • A travel-size odorless Sanitizer Spray that’s great for diaper bags and purses for on-the-go first aid, and
  • Disinfecting pacifiers and toys when they drop.

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