Surfaces Bundle

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Best selling surface sprays to keep your home safe. Try our vinegar-based Surface Cleaner Everyday and soap-based Surface Cleaner Extra Strength to remove dirt, grime, and microbes, Glass Cleaner for streak-free windows & mirrors, and Instant Disinfectant to kill any remaining germs.

Spray - Daily

499 KShs
All Purpose spray for clean, deodorized, disinfected surfaces. Powered by citrus-infused vinegar for daily cleaning and bug repelling. When used with Grounded Disinfectant, kills up to 99% of germs.

Spray - Deep

499 KShs
All purpose sudsy spray for deep cleaning on stick, greasy messes. Powered by Grounded's all natural liquid soap (from coconut and sunflower oil), enhanced by lemongrass essential oil.

Instant Disinfectant

475 KShs
Great for bathrooms, door handles, chopping boards. Ready to use. No need to dilute. Works in 3 seconds or less. Gentle on hands. Powered by hypochlorous acid - a natural disinfectant 100x stronger than bleach. Alcohol-free, ammonia-free, bleach-free.

Glass Cleaner

515 KShs
Streak-free windows and mirrors.
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A starter bundle to keep your surfaces clean. Our most effective natural surface sprays and disinfectants.

Includes: 1 Surface Cleaner Extra Strength, 1 Surface Cleaner Everyday, 1 Instant Disinfectant, 1 Glass Cleaner

Instructions: Use either Surface Cleaner Extra Strength or Surface Cleaner Everyday on your surfaces. They work best with a damp cloth. Follow-up with Instant Disinfectant that kills any remaining germs in 3 seconds or less, and is gentle on the hands.

Keep in mind that surfaces must be clean in order to be disinfected.

All surface sprays are sold in refill sizes as well.


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