Hand Soap

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Foaming Castile-soap based handwash boosted with germ-fighting essential oils.

Comes with a reusable metal foaming pump. Buy one for each sink, and top up on our 1L and 5L refills.

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Moisturising foaming hand soap boosted with baobab oil and germ-fighting tea tree and clove essential oils!

The refillable foaming pump makes your soap last much longer than a gel. Up to 500 hand washes in a 500ml bottle!

According to one customer, “the Hand Soap is my go to for shaving my head! The foaming soap lathers so nicely, and the baobab oil leaves my head smooth and moisturized”

Ingredients: Saponified Coconut, Canola, Sunflower Oils; Citric Acid, Baobab Oil, Tea Tree & Clove Essential Oils

No dyes: Grounded products obtain their color from the yellow color of our Castile soap. No dyes are used. Dyes are harmful to both us and the environment. Once most synthetic dyes find their way to water systems they accumulate thus affecting the aquatic ecosystem killing both aquatic plants and animals. Most artificial dyes have been found to contain carcinogenic elements as well as eye and skin irritants.

No palm-derived surfactants or sulfates: Grounded products are powered by gentle Castile soap made from natural oils coconut and canola.  Sulfate-based surfactants can to be harsh on the skin causing skin irritation. Most sulfates (like SLS/SLES) are made from palm oil is often harvested & grown unsustainably, and is made in into sulfates in a very environmentally taxing way.

No artificial fragrances: Grounded firmly believes in the use of essential oils to fragrance our products, allowing our end users to experience the therapeutic feel of their scents. Synthetic fragrances – though sweet as they smell, can be a real danger.  Many fragrances contain chemicals called phthalates that are endocrine disruptors (affecting the glands that produce hormones and therefore the hormones themselves) and carcinogens as well as allergens in both children and adults.

Ingredient transparency: Grounded prides itself in allowing our consumers to have full knowledge of what’s in all our products.

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