Conditioner – Tea Tree + Eucalyptus

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All-natural, non-toxic hair conditioner. Crafted with baobab oil, and aloe which gently moisturize your hair without harsh chemicals. Perfect for all hair types.

Natural hair conditioner made without nasty ingredients! Moisturizing without feeling greasy. Boosted with flaxseed gel and scented with tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils.

No parabens.

About Grounded’s Personal Care Line

Sulphate-Free Formulations:

  • Unlike many other brands, Grounded personal care products are free from harsh sulphates and parabens, ensuring gentle cleansing that preserves the natural oils of your hair and skin, reducing irritation and dryness.
  • This also means no petrochemical byproducts.

Naturally Scented with Essential Oils:

  • Using essential oils instead of synthetic perfumes, we transform your shower or bath into a natural spa.
  • Essential oils also boost the product effectiveness.  For example, our shampoo features tea tree for natural clarifying, and rosemary for healthy hair growth.
  • Artificial fragrances in personal care products can contain hormone disrupting chemicals. No “perfume” or “fragrance” mystery ingredients in our products!

Natural Moisturizing Ingredients:

  • Our products are enriched with shea butter, aloe vera gel, baobab oil, and sunflower oil, which are renowned for their exceptional moisturizing properties, providing deep hydration and nourishment without the use of synthetic additives.

Eco-Friendly and Safe:

  • By choosing Grounded, you are opting for products that are not only effective but also environmentally friendly.
  • Most personal care products contain synthetic components that are known to cause harm to wildlife.
  • Our commitment to using natural ingredients means fewer chemicals are washed into our water systems, and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re using products that are kind to both you and the planet.

Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Sunflower oil, Emulsifying wax, Glycerol Monostearate, Polyquartenium 10, Euxyl, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Essential Oils


300ml glass, 5L refill

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