Baby Surfaces Bundle

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Toss the toxins and clean with safer products.

All Grounded Baby surface cleaners for dishes, surfaces, floors, and more are 100% natural, safe, and made in Kenya.


Baby Dish Soap – 400 g

Baby Floor Soap – 1L

Baby Sanitizer Spray – 500 ml

Baby Soap Spray – 500 ml

Baby Dish Soap

625 KShs
Natural washing bar for cleaning kids' dishes and soft hands. This long-lasting solid soap is powered by coconut soap and naturally scented with eucalyptus and lavender essential oils. Size: 400g

Baby Sanitizer Spray

480 KShs
This will be your new favorite item. An all purpose, alcohol-free sanitizer spray safe enough to use directly on hands! Kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi in 3 seconds or less, and is completely odorless. Size: 100ml & 500ml

Baby Floor Soap

1,195 KShs
Has your child ever licked the floor? Keep them safe from germs, and safer by tossing out harsh floor cleaning chemicals. This concentrated floor soap is powered by Castile soap and is safe to use on any type of flooring. Size: 1L

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Baby Soap Spray

545 KShs
This Soap Spray is an all purpose powerhouse. Use on any surface to tackle messes. Messy eater? No problem! Size: 500ml

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No synthetic fragrances, harsh chemical disinfectants, or artificial dyes in any of our products to keep your home clean, and your family safe.

Download our Grounded Baby User guide here.


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