Sweet Dreams

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Aromatherapy spray for parental convenience.

Powered by good vibes.

Spray liberally to ensure little people have good dreams only.

Promotes restful sleep. Enhanced by lavender and frankincense.

Size: 100 ml.

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With lavender and frankincense to help lull you or your loved ones to sleep. Spray into the air or onto pillows and bedding.

Essential oils have long been known for their pleasant smell, but did you know they can also help calm the body and mind?

One customer said: “My baby had a lot of energy when it was time to sleep. She kept smiling up at us and trying to play, but after we sprayed some Sweet Dreams into the air and onto her bedding, she started to calm down and went right to sleep. The best part? I know there aren’t any harmful chemicals close to where she sleeps.”

This is the same spray as Grounded’s previous “Monster Repellent”. Give the spray to your little ones so they can ready their beds for nighttime.

Spray liberally. Dream sweetly.


Water, Ethanol, Lavender & Frankincense Essential Oils.


100ml, 500ml


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