Bamboo Dish Brush

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Verte Environmental Solution’s dish brush offers a plastic–free alternative to everyday kitchen brushes.
The eco-friendly brush is made of bamboo handle and sisal bristles, which are both compostable and biodegradable.

The sisal bristles are firm, yet gentle enough to scrub and clean without scratching or wearing out surfaces.

It’s versatile. Use it to clean chopping boards, dishes, pans, pots, kitchen surfaces, stove tops, ovens, and sinks.
It’s also great for scrubbing of dirt off fruits and vegetables such as sweet potatoes, ginger, oranges, etc.

Hang dry after use. Compost the bamboo and sisal parts at the end of life.

Reuse the metal handle at the end of life for art projects, or send them to a recycler.

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Size: 4.7 cm head width, 5.5 cm bristles width, 4 cm brush height, 23.2 cm brush length.

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