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Travel Kit | Grounded
10% Off!

Travel Kit

1,265 KShs

A perfect travel essential bundle for safe adventuring. Includes fan favorites while you’re on the go in travel-friendly sizes.

Hand Sanitizer

380 KShs
Sanitize your hands on the go with our all-natural hand sanitizer.

Pure Soap Concentrate (Kenyan Castile Soap)

225 KShs
Grounded’s concentrated Castile Soap is made from all natural Kenyan-grown ingredients. All-purpose for your hands, body, dishes, floors, surfaces, pets, and more!

Instant Disinfectant

490 KShs
Great for bathrooms, door handles, chopping boards. Ready to use. No need to dilute. Works in 3 seconds or less. Gentle on hands. Powered by hypochlorous acid - a natural disinfectant 100x stronger than bleach. Alcohol-free, ammonia-free, bleach-free.

Body Bar

400 KShs
Nourishing bathing bar for body and hair.
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Perfect companion when traveling. All 100ml sizes safe for trips. Our Kenyan Castile Pure Soap, Instant Disinfectant for your surfaces & for first aid, natural hand sanitizer, and a body/shampoo bar to keep you safe and fresh!

Stay safe with our travel bundle.

Includes: 100ml Pure Soap Concentrate (Unscented), 100ml Hand Sanitizer, 150g Body Bar, and 100ml Instant Disinfectant (great for spraying surfaces, hands, or fruit and veg on the go).

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