Maziwa Wema Breast Pump

14,000 KShs

This comfortable and effortless breast pump empowers you to pump your magic breastmilk anywhere, return to work if you choose, and create a better future for your baby, your body, and your family.

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You’re a supermum – juggling family, work, and taking care of your newborn – you manage it all.
But how do you make the difficult choice of returning to work after having a baby, especially when your workspace doesn’t accommodate your breastfeeding needs? We haven’t had a good option. Until now.
The Wema Breast Pump was designed so that you can express breastmilk in any environment. Wema is battery-operated and rechargeable so you can express milk efficiently and wirelessly throughout the day, whether you are stuck in traffic or at work. Its discreet design allows you to pump without being exposed, in lieu of a dedicated lactation space.


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