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Natural laundry products for machine or hand washing cloth diapers.

Add Brightening as a soak for those unable to wash with hot water, or add for regular light stain removal and disinfecting. Brightening helps to kill any remaining germs or bad smells. Can be used as a periodic “long soak” or stripping outside of regular washing.

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Laundry Powder

Laundry powder for machines, hand-washing, and soaking.
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Soft, lightly scented, residue-free clothes.
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Use to periodically disinfect nappies in a long soak. Or use regularly if washing with cold water.

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Laundry Bar

Sudsy and soft-on-hands laundry bar for hand-washing, stain-removing, and soaking.
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Hand Washing:

This includes an extra step using Brightening assuming that the washing is not done with hot water to ensure no smell, bacteria, or other nasties are in the nappies.

  1. Rinse large poo pieces immediately after changing baby, rinse absorber with water before adding to laundry bag until wash.
  2. Add hot water (ideal) and with 30ml Grounded Laundry Powder
  3. Spot treat extra soiled areas with Grounded Laundry Bar
  4. Agitate all
  5. Dump water, and rinse with cold water
    1. Add 1L Grounded Brightening to 10L of water, soak all nappies for 1 hour
      • **Note, Brightening is made from 6% liquid oxygen bleach (color safe). In 1 hour it has killed bacteria like Listeria Monocytogenes, E.coli, Salmonella.
      • Skip this for the bag, cover
    2. Wring out using gloves
  7.  Rinse in basin with 210ml of Grounded Softener and 10L water in a basin.
    • **Note, Grounded Softener is made from herbal vinegar. Vinegar helps lift any remaining soap or stains as the final rinsing step unlike conventional fabric softeners. It also freshens the smell.
  8. Hang in sun
    • Hang bags/PUL etc in shade

Machine Washing:

  1. Rinse large poo pieces immediately after changing baby, and rinse. Spray with Grounded Stain Remover if desired.
  2. Separate PUL products (cover, wet bag, laundry bag) from cotton products (absorbers, cloth wipes, and boosters.
  3. Add all cotton products to machine and add 30ml of Grounded Laundry Powder in tray, or directly into drum.
  4. Add 210ml of Grounded Softener to tray.
  5. Add 60ml of Grounded Brightening for extra stain removal and light disinfecting.
  6. Use hot water cycle for best results.
  7. Hang cotton product to dry in direct sunlight – do not hang PUL products in direct sunlight

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