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Great for bathrooms, door handles, chopping boards. Combine with Spray – Daily for complete sanitization. Powered by hydrogen peroxide. Enhanced by tea tree.


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Instructions: Spray on any surface needing disinfection; let air dry. For complete sanitization, use Spray – Daily followed by Disinfectant, then wipe.

Limit direct contact to skin, and consider wearing gloves for deep cleaning/wiping. If in contact with hands for extended amount of time, you may see whitening of the skin. Don’t worry, this is not harmful and disappears after 30 minutes.

Ingredients: Hydrogen Peroxide (6%), Tea Tree Essential Oil, Good Vibes

Size: 500 ml spray bottle, 1L refill, or 5L refill.

Note: We recommend you wear gloves if using large quantities of disinfectant. It is most effective when left to air-dry. Consider using as your final cleaning step of the day on doorknobs, cutting boards, light switches, etc.


Nairobi, Kenya



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