What ingredients do we use?

We consider our brand values whenever we develop a new product. Why did we create Grounded in the first place?

Firstly, conventional cleaning products are NOT required to disclose their ingredient list. This can lead to a lot of hidden nasties, such as in ingredients listed as “fragrance”. More and more studies done by international bodies are showing that there are sneaky harmful things in there! See our FAQs for more articles and information. 

Secondly, we wanted to use the power of plant-based ingredients as much as possible. Both to support the agro-economy, but also to get us closer to our roots. No more ingredient names that you cannot pronounce, and products with 35+ ingredients.

Over the past 5 years, we've developed 30 quality, safe, and effective products - derived from nature.

When doing product development for our now 30+ products we considered 3 criteria. 

1. Is it made in Kenya?

We believe deeply in the #buyKenyabuildKenya movement, and are a certified Made In Kenya brand. We are also incredibly lucky to have access to Kenya’s vast array of agricultural, agri-processed, and manufactured products!

We are proud to source 100% of our ingredients locally! Is it cheaper? Sometimes no! But we believe deeply in creating jobs across the local and regional value chain.

Our key inputs to make soap come from vegetable oils, our packaging from 100% locally sourced and made recycled plastic, our citrus cleaning concentrate from citrus peels otherwise headed for the compost.

Our main inputs support Kenyan farmers - with leading inputs like coconut oil from Kwale, sunflower oil from Nakuru, or canola oil from Mt Kenya. Wakulima kwanza. 

2. Does it make high quality products?

With the support of a bad ass team of Kenyan chemical engineers, we developed our product lines to ensure customer satisfaction.

Keeping it simple, effective and safe meant we went back to the tradition of soap making - or turning fats (like vegetable oils) into soap through saponification or following the cutting edge trend of simple science like hypochlorous acid - the main ingredient in our Instant Disinfectant.

Let's talk soap

Rather than make a conventional Castile soap (usually made with Olive oil), we make a Kenyan Castile soap - made from local vegetable oils.

The end result? A multi-purpose, concentrated, and powerful soap, from Kenyan ingredients that is the base ingredient for most of our products.

Safe for your baby, and tough enough on your floors. 

Let's talk Citrus Concentrate

Ever heard of Limonene? It’s a powerful degreaser that’s commonly made in a lab. But here at Grounded, we extract limonene from discarded citrus peels from Zucchini! While it is being extracted into vinegar to make our Citrus Concentrate, it’s also reducing waste and participating in the circular economy. Two birds, one stone. 

Let's talk new technology

At the same time, we’re on the cutting edge of new product developmen - taking new non-toxic technologies like hypochlorous acid (the main ingredient in our Instant Disinfectant) into the market.

With special machinery, you throw salt at water to make a disinfectant 100x stronger than bleach, and safe enough to spray in your eye.

We developed and refined our products over 5 years, and tested with dozens of households to ensure user satisfaction and efficacy.

3. Is it safe?

We created Grounded to improve the safety of cleaning and personal care products in Kenya. This is not only for our beautiful ecosystem, but also for our loved ones. 

We check all of our ingredients with international organizations like MadeSafe and EWG (see more in the next section) to evaluate human and environmental toxicity. 

Don’t believe us? Check for yourself! Unlike conventional cleaning products (which are not required to list ingredients), we list 100% of our ingredients so you can check for yourself. 

Take control over what you bring into the home. Have a question? Shoot us an email at

What ingredients do we avoid?

Conventional cleaning products are filled with chemicals not tested for safety on humans or the environment. Additionally they are not required to tell you what is in it, making it hard to make informed consumer decisions.

There is also a lot of "greenwashing", or companies making products that claim to be nontoxic or eco, but fail to back that up with ingredient transparency or adherence to international standards.

Our products conform to the standards maintained by the Environmental Working Group and MADESAFE. MadeSafe has over 6,500 banned ingredients. This means no parabens, no chemical antibacterials (like triclosan), no artificial fragrance (like phthalates), no synthetic foaming agents (like SLS/SLES).

We also do not believe in using ingredients that are harmful to the environment when being made. This includes anything with palm oil (which is used to make SLS/SLES), or that has unsustainable sourcing.

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