Conventional cleaning products are filled with chemicals not tested for safety on humans or the environment. Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to cleaning products can disrupt hormones, interrupt child development, cause respiratory issues and allergies, and are linked with cancer.

Furthermore, without proper wastewater treatment, many of these chemicals run off into Kenya’s beautiful ecosystem, impacting wildlife and vegetation. Most countries do not require cleaning products to disclose their ingredients, making it difficult for consumers to create healthy homes.

Here at Grounded, we disclose 100% of the ingredients that we use. Generally speaking, if we can't pronounce it, we don't use it. Check out our product page for ingredients for each item that we make.

Our products are held to the standards maintained by the Environmental Working Group and MADESAFE.  This means no parabens, no chemical antibacterials (like triclosan), no artificial fragrance (like phthalates), no synthetic foaming agents (like SLS/SLES).

Grounded products are either soap- or vinegar-based with added essential oils and good vibes. We disclose 100% of our ingredients on our product labels.  Our products conform to much higher global standards for personal care items — we believe what you put on your dishes and clothes should be as safe as what you put on your body.

Additionally, we aim to be the sole local option with recycleable packaging, a low carbon footprint, and value creation throughout the East African supply chain — we proudly source from other Kenyan businesses wherever possible.


Nairobi, Kenya


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